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Choosing the Right Dog Food for Your Buddy

Choosing the most suitable feed for your dog(s) is by far the most important decision you will make for him or her. Sometimes it takes months till you find the correct food type and brand to feed your dog(s) with. It is a long winded process well worth the effort to ensure a healthy future for your buddies.

There are many types of feeds all of which have their pros and cons. Before we dig any deeper lets establish that when I mention dog food types I’m referring to: dry, wet (canned), raw and frozen food. drools of these types can be then divided into: natural, organic, fresh and ones containing preservatives and additives.


Considered by many dog owners and breeders as the most complete type of feed since it the highest number of benefits when compared to other types of canine food. Dried dog food comes in various sizes and shapes and are easy to store. The most important benefits are: it helps to keep teeth and gums healthy, ensure firm stools, lower cost per serving, improve coat and skin condition and ensure the correct development of muscles and skeletal system.


Wet dog food or canned dog food might not be as popular as dried dog food because of its price and cost per serving. It is often used mixed up with dried feeds. Wet feed is high in protein and moisture which is good for hydration and the urinary tract, it is by far more palatable than other types of food for obvious reasons. The downside is that is has a short shelf life after it’s opened and some dogs can gain weight when only fed with it.

Fresh or Raw

Not as common as it use to be but raw feeding seems to be making a come back with more and more dog owners and breeders advocating that dogs cannot properly digest grains. That is true to certain extent since dog’s digestive system weren’t made to eat processed or cooked food. Raw feeding is far more complicated than usual feeding with dry or canned food and it is advisable to have the supervision of a veterinary.

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